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When this site first started in 2006, its purpose was to introduce a technology for obtaining much higher fuel economy and performance from our many internal combustion engines, while producing far less emissions. But over time, the purpose of this site has expanded.

There are now many subjects covered in this site. The added subject matter is accessed via buttons scattered throughout this site. A small selection of this added content is given below.

This site is a call for people to awaken to our collective vulnerability, because of the way we have done things for so many years. This site also presents solutions for reducing our collective and individual vulnerabilities.

The rest is up to you. What are you going to do with this information?

Natural Disasters

In recent times, we have witnessed many natural disasters. There have been devastating earthquakes and destructive tsunamis. There has been serious drought, and also major flooding. There have been deadly tornadoes and other types of high energy storms.

In all of this, we realize the vulnerability of humanity. Our modern way of doing things, our way of civilization, can be brought to its knees in a moment. But, does it have to be this way? Can we do things differently and become less vulnerable to the forces of nature, and even to things like destructive terrorism?

Regional Earthquakes

It is time to consider large-scale, regional earthquakes in recorded history. Midway down the webpage, linked here, speaks of devastating earthquakes from the past in southern Italy. A few excerpts follow.

"...Several shocks of earthquakes were felt...which lasted near twelve hours; but on the two following days the shocks were more violent..."
      "...320 villages and hamlets were entirely destroyed. The towns of Palma and Seminaria are no more ... Geracia is destroyed ... Sylla is also swallowed up..."
      "The place where Pizzo stood is no longer to be found."   "Of Reggio...scarce a vestige remains to remind mankind of its ancient splendour"

New Madrid

What follows is an example from the United States. Let us consider that quake which was centered around New Madrid, Missouri in 1811-1812.

This quake was so powerful and widespread that, to the east, it rang church bells "in Boston, Massachusetts, 1,000 miles away." It was felt northward into Canada and southward into the Gulf Coast region. It was felt all the way to the Rocky Mountains in the west.

What follows are excerpts about the quake, from this link.

"...the Mississippi actually ran backwards for several hours ... land upheaval ... devastated thousands of acres of virgin forest ... crevices opening up during an earthquake..."
      "...Missing people ... most likely swallowed up by the earth. Some earthquake fissures were as long as five miles."
      "Sand boils ... seismic tar balls ... earthquake lights ... earthquake smog ... skies turned dark during the earthquake ... hard to breath..."

These are just some examples of what humanity can face during a major, regional earthquake. But things can be much worse.

Cascadia Mega-Quake

With the above introduction to powerful, regional earthquakes, let us turn our attention toward the next, massive Cascadia earthquake which is expected by the scientists.

This powerful and destructive earthquake is destined to hit the West Coast region of the United States and Canada in the near future.

An indepth and documented report regarding the next devastating Cascadia megaquake is accessed via the button below.

The author has one question for those living in the Cascadia region. Are you properly prepared for such a devastating event?

And now, let us consider other serious problems facing humanity.

Hanford Nuclear

Hanford Nuclear Reservation presents some very serious problems for people of the Pacific Northwest, plus the whole nation and Canada. Information about these problems is accessed via the buttons below. The buttons access two locations for the same report.

A Silent War

To understand some of the root causes for problems amongst the nations of our earth, plus information which introduces the agenda of the treacherous eugenics movement and a number of other organizations, simply click on either button below.

New Format

The pages linked below present a new page format being considered for this site.

The menu bar across the top of each page should make it easier to navigate this rather large site.

To comment on the new format, simply click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page, or on this link, and let your thoughts be known.


The completion of the prototype project noted in this site will require a large amount of time and, yes, a reasonable amount of money.

Below are shown some of the special parts and systems which have been produced so far, during this project.

Piggyback Fuel Mixer
Piggyback Fuel Mixer

Proto Venturi
Venturi Cartridge

Prototype System
Prototype Systems

Clean Air Manifold
Clean Air Manifold

Machined Actuators


Machined Part
Machined Mixer Body

Needle Valve
Variable Needle Valve

Needle Valve Unit
Needle Valve Unit

Manifold Part
O-ringed Elbow

Milling Part
Part Being Milled

High-Speed Mini Mixer

Electronic Controls

Large Mixer
Large Mixer Unit

Mini Lathe
Mini Lathe Setup

Water Nozzle
Water Injection Nozzle

Vaporizer Section


Any energy product or technology, once fully developed, should be able to stand on its own merits.

Once fully developed, a product or technology should be able to support itself on its sales alone. If not, it should be allowed to "die with dignity."

Nuclear and wind energy are two industries which receive large subsidies via the government tax system. These industries are a great drain on our economy. Both of these industries are harming our nation and our people. It is time to consider better ways of doing things.

The multi-fuel, combined cycle technology shown in this site will not require any government subsidies, once it is developed and put into use. It should be able to pay for itself on its sales alone. It should also be able to help save money and reduce operating costs for citizens, industries and user nations, while being environmentally-friendly.

Sakrisson  Energy  Solutions

Working for the Benefit of Humanity  ...  Rather than the "Special Interests"

Energy Inefficiency is Harming Our National Economy and Our Environment,  plus Our Individual Pocketbooks
There is a Much Better Way to provide for All of our Energy Needs
It starts by Increasing Overall Efficiency in the various energy systems, devices
and vehicles which help power our economies and, truly, civilization itself,
by causing them to use their available energy more efficiently.

Furthermore, we should not be bound to nuclear energy, which steadily emits large amounts of
tritium and other harmful components into our environment, nor should we be bound to
costly, inefficient and intermittent alternative energy sources like wind and solar.

It is definitely time to look to energy production and distribution methods which are
less prone to extended down time because of sabotage or damage by natural disaster.
Reasonable Questions and Considerations

Wasting Valuable Heat Energy

Our many gasoline and diesel engines are classed as "Heat Engines."  Their purpose is to make as much usable power as possible or provide as much mechanical work as possible from the heat of a burning fuel.  If this is true, then why are we doing things the way we are?

Why do we have external cooling systems on our heat engines to draw heat out of them and spew it into the surrounding environment?  Why are we sending an immense amount of heat out the exhaust system to, again, be spewed into the surrounding environment?  Isn't this creating a huge energy waste, plus numerous other problems?

A Good Base

There are things to seriously consider.  Heat engines are actually a very good type of engine.  We have barely "scatched the surface" of their true potential.  On the positive side, these engines have proven to be relatively reliable and very versatile.  They can readily be made to produce a lot of usable mechanical power for their size.

Our many heat engines (especially gasoline and diesel engines) can easily be made much more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly.  It is mainly the way that the fuel preparation and induction systems on our engines are currently configured which causes them to be very inefficient and harmful polluters of our environment.
Presenting a Logical and Rational path to cost-effective Green Energy

Safer Than Nuclear

Presenting a method for producing cost-effective energy which is far safer than nuclear power.  The method shown in this site holds the potential for reducing energy costs to consumers, while helping to improve economies and the environment.  This method is much safer in the event of a massive earthquake or other major natural disaster and is less prone to damage than are large-scale nuclear, hydroelectric and windpower installations.

Less Down Time

In the event of a major disaster, if used widely to displace nuclear energy, the method presented in this website helps to eliminate the potential for dangerous radiation leakage and an extended nuclear crisis.  It is also much safer in the event of a terrorist attack or if a terrorist organization were to take over one or more of our power installations.  It is also much quicker to rebuild and put back into service, in the event of destruction by terrorist acts or major natural disasters, than are large-scale nuclear, hydroelectric and windpower installations.

Relatively Inexpensive

The technology presented in this website brings us back to the simplicity of safe energy production.  Along with this simplicity comes many important advantages.  Beside the advantages noted above, this technology is far less costly to implement than are large nuclear, hydroelectric and windpower installations.  Last, but not least:  this technology is environmentally-friendly and can safely be located directly within metropolitan areas near point of end use.
The  Prototype  Project

Fundamental Question

So, how do we go about improving the efficiency of our numerous energy and engine systems so we can improve the overall energy and environmental situation in our nation and the world?

One Answer

For starters, the author is working on a special prototype project which holds the potential for greatly increasing the energy efficiency in our many engine systems.  General information about the prototype project is presented in the report accessed via the button below.

More Detailed Information

The button below accesses the Report Index, which is located deeper in this site.  The reports in this index present further and more detailed information which relates to the author's project and technology.

Multi-Fuel Friendly

The report, accessed via the button below, speaks about the various fuels upon which ordinary gasoline and diesel engines have been successfully operated over the years.  Indeed, the basic engine is not overly picky about the fuel which is fed to it.  It is only the stock fuel system and associated controls which has been installed on these engines which make them operate, generally, on one fuel or one very narrow band of fuels only.

Snared by the Barons

The fuel for our many engines generally comes from either the gasoline or the diesel pump at the filling station.  Other special fuel systems may operate properly on only propane, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas, which again, comes from the established filling stations.  Yes, this method does keep the general public completely ensnared by the energy barons.

The Report

And now for a report about realistic engine fueling requirements, and a look at potential energy freedom.  Click the button below and enjoy.

Multipurpose  Technology

Generating Electrical Power

The technology shown within this website can be used to create safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly electrical generating plants of all sizes:  from small scale plants to large scale, regional installations.  The nature of these plants allow them to be located conveniently near the point of end use, even directly within cities and towns.

Agriculture and Transportation

The technology shown herein can also be used to increase efficiency and economy in the agricultural, shipping and transportation sectors, while holding the potential for greatly reducing harmful emissions.  This technology is aimed at engine-driven devices of all sizes and types, plus has the potential for helping to make nations and citizens more energy-independent.

Desalination and Fresh Water

The technology shown in this site may be used to reduce the operating costs for desalination plants of all sizes, by drastically reducing the electrical costs of these plants.  This technology may also be used to reduce the cost of pumping fresh water to distant places.  This opens the potential for relatively inexpensive, unlimited fresh water to virtually all places on earth.

Problems  and  Solutions

Core Issues

We have some serious problems in our world.  The challenge is deciphering core issues, so logical and beneficial solutions may be presented for implementation.  Two areas where problems exist are in the energy and environmental arenas.  These two arenas do not necessarily need to be diametrically opposed to one another.

Necessary Engines

It is important to note that our many engines are necessary for powering and upholding civilization.  But, it should also be noted that our engines do not need to emit the volume of harmful factors which they now emit, nor do they need to be as wasteful of their fuel as they currently are, because of the way their systems are configured.

A Debtor Nation

Because of the fuel and energy waste in our numerous engines, the United States was forced for years to import a considerable amount of expensive foreign oil.  For more than two decades, the United States has been classed as a debtor nation.  Because of gross inefficiency, it has borrowed up to $1-billion each working day from world financial institutions, just to import the oil necessary to keep the U.S. operating.

Rational Solutions

Now, to use a popular saying and put it to a good use.  It is time to think globally and act locally.  It is time to clean up some major energy, economic, political and environmental problems in our own nation, and then be free enough to turn and help the rest of the world.  This site examines problems and presents rational, money-saving solutions.
An Orderly Read

This site presents a cost-effective method for reducing nasty greenhouse gases and other harmful pollution. It can also work to eliminate energy shortages, worldwide.
The need for foreign oil can be eliminated. The lower quality of life for many peoples around the world can be cost-effectively improved. The damage to our relatively fragile environment can also be improved, even at a savings of money to civilization. All it takes is working together on a viable solution, such as that presented in this website.
To obtain a true understanding of the problems facing the civilized world in the energy and environmental arenas, it may be necessary to examine certain political, industrial and economic forces, plus governmental agencies and their policies, before the necessary changes can be made which allow for the future well-being of humanity.

A Major Waste of Fuel and Energy Resources, plus Environmental Problems
FACT:   The engines currently used in autos, transportation, and industry are extremely inefficient.  They waste up to 80% of their fuel's heat energy.  In essence, that is like throwing away up to 80% of the fuel which is purchased in this nation.  It is like going to the filling station and dumping 80% of our purchase on the ground.  It is like dumping eight gallons of fuel on the ground, and only putting two gallons in the tank.
FACT:   Wasted fuel and inefficiency causes countries, like the United States and others, to be dependent on foreign oil.  Time has proven that this dependence can often result in wars and the needless destruction of lives and property.  All of the wasted energy and major demand for foreign oil causes a detrimental trade imbalance, plus increases the national debt and harms the economy.  Furthermore, all of these issues work to create a serious national security problem.
FACT:   All of the wasted heat energy from engines (up to 80% waste) is spewed into the surrounding environment.  This problem is simply a result of the way engines are currently configured.  In essence, every motor vehicle being driven, every piece of engine-driven equipment being operated, is an environmental heater.  Up to 80% of its fuel's heat energy is simply being used to heat the environment.  There are millions of environmental-heaters and polluters in operation every day.  It does not need to be this way.

Fundamental Problems in our Engines and Fuel Supply
FACT:   The induction of a liquid fuel into engines, plus improper combustion controls, are the main reasons why these engines emit harmful emissions (HC, CO, NOx, and heat).  As most of us have heard at one time or another:  liquid fuel does not burn.  It is only the vapors of the fuel which can readily and efficiently burn.  So, why not induct a vaporous or gasified fuel into our engines in the first place?  The proper use of a vaporous or gasified fuel can work to potentially solve a number of problems.
FACT:   The induction of a non-uniform, liquid fuel "splatter mixture" into an engine creates air/fuel mixture-balance and power balance problems between cylinders in multi-cylinder engines.  This works to reduce the maximum performance potential of these engines.  By using a vaporous or gasified fuel system on our engines, along with proper combustion controls and enhancers, optimal fuel-mixture and power balance, plus optimal performance can readily be obtained.
FACT:   In the fuel supply arena, inadequate or reduced refinery capacity can be harmful to countries and economies.  Problems at refineries often result in higher fuel prices, sudden price spikes, or even fuel rationing.  By implementation of the technology shown in this website, load and demand on refineries may be greatly reduced.  This can occur because raw fuels are processed for use right in the engine compartment of the vehicle or engine-driven equipment.
FACT:   The technology presented in this site may allow engines to operate cleanly and efficiently even on straight crude oil, plus an array of other fuels, with relatively minor cleaning of the fuel.  In essence, the compact refinery required to produce an engine-friendly fuel will reside directly within the engine compartment of the typical motor vehicle or industrial plant.

Included in this Website
FACT:   Once again, our engines waste up to 80% of their fuel's heat energy.  The technology presented in this site can help prevent this from happening.  It can help allow an engine to convert a much larger percentage of its fuel's heat energy into usable power, directly within the engine cylinder.  This translates into higher fuel mileage and engine efficiency, with better performance and power output:  while allowing for a drastic reduction in harmful emissions (HC, CO, NOx, and heat).
FACT:   This site presents a viable method with the potential for drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions from engines, per time-unit of engine operation or per mile of travel.  The complete technology connected with this site also allows for continuously recycling a portion of the original fuels, after their components are recovered from the engine exhaust.  This translates to a potential for less greenhouse gases being added to our environment each day, without causing economic harm or other negative situations for the user.  The technology presented in this site, if used properly, can make engines much safer and more environmentally-friendly.
FACT:   This site presents a rational method for producing a win-win situation for the environment and the consumer, especially considering that the consumer could spend far less money for their energy needs, while helping to improve the environment by implementing the processes presented herein.  It could also help to make the consumer more independent and free, by reducing bondage to the "energy barons".  It truly is time to shatter the horrendous chains which bind us.

Added Benefits
FACT:   With a drastic reduction in energy costs, construction projects could readily progress.  This could help improve the quality of life for many people around this world.  It could help to reduce water shortages and famine.  Seawater desalinization and water purification plants could operate at a much lower cost.  Farmers could better work their fields for higher crop yield per section of ground.  Because of reduced fuel costs, shipping costs could potentially be reduced.  This could result in a lower cost for goods and services to the consumer.
FACT:   The project presented in this site does hold the potential for increasing the prosperity of common citizens and user nations.  Would you like to see the economy of our nation, and that of the whole world, truly be "jump started" and made healthy again?  Would you like to see more happiness, prosperity and contentment in this world?  Then it is worthwhile to consider the project and information presented in this website.  Working together, we can make an important difference.

Our True Energy Potential

From the Engineers

It is time to examine our true energy potential.  At this point, one important question must be asked.  How much energy is there in each gallon of gasoline?  The answer may shock you.  In the 1940's, engineers working in the petroleum industry declared that there is enough energy in each gallon of gasoline to propel a relatively lightweight vehicle 480 miles along a level road.  They declared that their challenge was finding out how to unlock all this energy from the complex molecules in gasoline.  Now, for a closer look at what can and has been done with gasoline.

Charles Pogue

In the 1930's, Charles Pogue was obtaining 209 miles per gallon of gasoline in a standard two-ton Ford sedan, with a V8 engine.  His special fuel system readily allowed for all this fuel mileage, with good performance.  What was Pogue doing to the gasoline in his fuel system to obtain this high fuel mileage, with good performance?  First, Pogue was heating gasoline vapors, using exhaust heat with a temperature in the neighborhood of 500-1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  In relation to this, let us consider another, more recent example of this concept, and then look more closely at what was happening in these special systems.

"Smokey" Yunick

During the 1950s and up until 2001, there lived in the United States a very famous and inspiring race engine builder and mechanic.  His name was Henry "Smokey" Yunick.  In the 1980s, he created various models of his adiabatic hot-vapor engine.  There are U.S. patents on this special type of engine, one of which is shown in the preceeding, linked article.  The hot-vapor engines of Smokey Yunick put out considerably more power, for their size and equipment, than did most other engines of the day.  A Pontiac Fiero with a Smokey-built engine had incredible acceleration and performance, considering it had only a four cylinder engine.  This same car could get 51 miles per gallon, with almost no emissions.  To top things off, it had no computer of emission controls.  It was all done through proper fuel system design.

Considering the Processes

Above a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, gasoline molecules begin to rapidly break down into a much larger volume of important gaseous fuels.  Pogue was actually thermal-cracking the gasoline molecules in his system, to make available the large amount of energy contained in them.  In essence, Pogue created something similar to an early "propane" fuel system for motor vehicles, using gasoline as the "base fuel".  And yes, a propane system, with the proper combustion controls, can give excellent performance, with low emissions.  On the other hand, it does not appear that Smokey Yunick was actually cracking the fuel before it went into the engine.  That may be why his car was only getting 51 miles per gallon, but with phenominal performance.

Power in Each Gallon

Now for a closer look at gasoline.  One U.S. gallon of gasoline contains up to about 125,000 Btu's or 36.6 kilowatt-hours of energy.  An Imperial gallon, being larger, contains up to about 150,100 Btu's or 43.9 kilowatt-hours of energy.  This amount of energy is roughly equal to 116 million foot-pounds of force, or more than 57 horsepower-hours.  Let us put this amount of energy into perspective.  It is said that the amount of energy in a gallon of gasoline can be enough to lift a 3,000 pound car about 37,660 feet, straight up in the air.  This is a distance similar to that from sea level to the top of Mount Everest and beyond.

All We Really Need

Now, we are not looking to lift a car straight up in the air:  which requires a lot of energy per distance of travel.  All we want to do is propel a typical car along a typical roadway.  At 60 miles per hour, it takes about 10 to 20 horsepower for the typical car to maintain its speed.  The energy in a gallon of gasoline could therefore allow the typical car to travel a distance up to 170 to 340 miles, or even more, if virtually all the energy was used to move the vehicle.  It is well-known that our motor vehicles are very inefficient.  Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement.  But now, let us turn to an important question.

Getting the Energy

Question and Answers

What can be done to unlock the vast amount of energy contained in each gallon of gasoline, plus create even more energy?  What if simple, recyclable, ordinary water was one inexpensive key which could readily unlock all this energy?  Yes, the "unlocking" process must take place in a special environment.  That special environment is within a unique gasifier.  In the "unlocking" process, both the gasoline and the water are converted into a much larger volume of environmentally-friendly fuel: a fuel commonly called syngas.  The compact gasifier which safely performs all this high-mileage fuel conversion would reside in the engine compartment of a typical motor vehicle or industrial plant.

An Increase in Fuel

The large volume of syngas, created using one gallon of gasoline, should contain much more energy than that which was originally stored within just the gallon of gasoline.  In this case, a large portion of the energy contained in the gallon of gasoline, plus that contained in the amount of water used in the conversion process, are available for usable power production.  By use of the syngas process, along with the proper combustion controls, we may greatly increase the mileage or fuel economy which can be obtained in the typical transportation or agricultural vehicle, or in industrial or electrical generating plants, for each gallon of gasoline used.  But there is more to this story.

Increased Efficiency and Versatility

When using the author's complete technology, a major portion of the heat created in the engine cylinder by the burning of a fuel is not wasted out the exhaust and cooling systems, as occurs in current engines.  Instead, the fuel's heat energy is used directly in the engine cylinder to produce even more power output from the engine.  Furthermore, when using the author's complete technology, engines can be made to operate on an array of hydrocarbon fuels.  Welcome to the world of the multi-fuel, combined-cycle, combustion-steam engine.
BOTTOM LINE:  Thoroughly study this informative site to understand the basic physical and chemical principles upon which multi-fuel, combined-cycle, combustion-steam technology operates.  If you have questions or comments, the author would appreciate hearing from you.  There is a lot of potential for this technology, both now and in the future.

An Important Purpose

An important purpose of this website is to show a special method by which the vast and virtually unlimited energy resources of this world may be used much more efficiently, safely, and in a more environmentally-friendly manner.  In other words, the whole world could readily be much less wasteful, save a lot of money, and greatly help the environment.  Yes, all this could readily be accomplished at the same time by using the proper technology.

This site is constructed, updated and Copyright  ©  2006-2015 by David E. Sakrisson.   All Rights Reserved.


It is time to consider the safety and logic of large nuclear power plants, especially in the face of major natural disasters or terrorism.


The ongoing disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility, in Japan, has people wondering about the future of energy, especially in the nuclear sector.

The Fukushima disaster has given the world just a taste of the true dangers presented by nuclear energy. A major accident at one of these facilities anywhere in the world can have very serious, far reaching effects on humanity.

The "Honesty Factor"

To compound dangers presented by the nuclear industry, it appears that the "honesty factor" toward the public and the world may be very low by those in positions of power and control.

The webpages linked below may be worth considering, for they present a glimpse of "honesty" by government and industry controllers in the nuclear arena and elsewhere.

It should be noted that Japan is not the only country which experiences these problems with honesty toward the public.

A Major Change

On another note, the links below speak of the new, far reaching secrecy laws in Japan.

This enforced secrecy in Japan could potential prevent the rest of the world from finding out things like major and dangerous, intentional or accidental releases of radioactivity from Fukushima.

A Nuclear Weapon

The article linked below presents important information about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. It declares the following:

"As the tsunami hit, one of these antique GE reactors, number 3, was filled with the newest generation of plutonium-laced Aveda MOX fuel rods. A basic ingredient of nuclear bombs, plutonium isotypes are sprinkled among the 500 or so radionuclides currently being spread into air, ocean and groundwater from the massive explosions that transformed the Fukushima Daiichi power plant into the world's largest and most menacing nuclear weapon."

The article above declares the following:

"The science of measuring and understanding the effects of radioactivity on biological transformations is still in its infancy. Nevertheless since 1945 the tendency has been for promoters of applied nuclear power to deny, negate, or downplay the effects of radioactivity on life's natural patterns of renewal."

Hiding the Truth

It appears there was an intentional cover up in Canada and the United States regarding the seriousness of Fukashima radiation reaching this continent. This is very disturbing.

The link below indicates that after the Fukushima disaster began, the EPA fudged "the numbers" and drastically increased the allowable levels of radiation "to anywhere from 3,000 to 100,000 times the currently allowable levels."

It should also be noted that Canada simply turned off their radiation detectors so the public could not know the radiation levels which existed. This is shown in the webpage linked below.

Is the safety of the public not a true concern for the powers that be?

High Radiation

The webpage linked below claims that the radiation released from Fukushima is ten times more than that released by all the earlier nuclear weapons tests.

The articles linked below show that the earlier radiation measurements at Fukushima were misleading and in error. One article indicates that radiation levels are rising - not a good sign.

Your Senses

It is time to consider a few facts about harmful and deadly nuclear radiation, in the form called ionizing radiation.

The information accessed via the buttons below indicate that a person cannot see, taste, smell, feel or hear ionizing nuclear radiation.

Only in cases where the ionizing radiation is so extreme that it is reacting with the oxygen in the air to form ozone, and with the nitrogen to form nitrogen dioxide, will you be able to smell its effects.

The sixth paragraph of the webpage linked below declares that nitrogen dioxide  "can be smelled at relatively low concentrations and has a metallic taste."

By the time you are able to smell ozone and the metallic taste of nitrogen dioxide, you may have already received a seriously harmful or deadly dose of ionizing radiation.

Terrorism and Genocide

Because radiation generally cannot be preceived with our senses, it is the perfect weapon for terrorism and genocide.

Because of its subtle, yet deadly characteristics, radiation may be the weapon of choice for forced population control, reduction and eugenicide.

Truth in Energy

The Fukushima experience has made it clear that nuclear energy in not safe. The ongoing Fukushima experience has also made it very clear that deception and cover up can readily be involved with something so serious and deadly as the nuclear industry.

For the above reasons, and for a number of other reasons, some of which are discussed in this website, nuclear energy should rightly be abolished from this earth. It is clear that nuclear energy is not good for humanity or the environment.

A Replacement

Is there a safe and reliable technology which could readily replace the electrical energy now supplied by nuclear power?

One road to abundant, safe energy is shown within this site. Possibly, for the good of humanity, it is time to seriously consider this technology.


This website has been in existence since January 2006. To make this a good site has required continued research, plus report writing and site building. There is also a considerable amount of maintenance involved.

The siteholder has found the Internet to be a bit unreliable. It is constantly changing. Information and sites constantly come and go.

It does not take long for a site with many links to require some serious maintenance. It is quite a job just to try and keep the many links in this site updated and working properly.

It is true that time is money and information has value.

If you appreciate the work which has gone into this site, support toward time and expenses would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, support for the prototype project presented in this site will also be appreciated, for the proper support will help to move it forward more quickly.

To help support this site or the prototype project, simply click on the button below to access the site support page.

Thank you for your generosity and willing participation.